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Art Safety Supply Kit
Art Safety Supply Kit

ART SAFETY SUPPLY KIT - The art safety bag is designed for each freshman and transfer student taking Foundation classes. This kit is intended as a starter kit of personal protective equipment, or PPE, used to create art safely. Safety protection is a required supply for classes. Additional PPE may also be purchased at the College Store, depending upon the chemicals being used by the artist. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet by searching the manufacturer's name and product name on the internet. Although you have a choice to purchase through the College store website, you may also purchase at the College store directly at the register. IF YOU PURCHASE ONLINE---The system asks for a "shipping method," please select "Pick Up in Dept," bags will be available in The 15/15 for pick-up. YOU WILL NEED TO PROVIDE THE RECEIPT UPON RECEIVING THE BAG AT THE 15/15 BUILDING. For more information please contact the Environmental, Health and Safety office at 410.462.7593. PPE included in the Art Safety Bag: particulate, and liquid eye protection, pair of ear buds for hearing protection, chemical and material handling gloves, N95 respirator/ dust mask for particulates. Half-face piece respirators with organic cartridges must be purchased in addition for organic vapor use, such as spray painting and/or working with solvents.

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